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The World’s First Wireless Academic Emergency Communication System

  • Push to talk directly to individual or group broadcast
  • Communicate easily during a disaster or emergency situation
  • Works when cell calls won’t
  • Call for help from any location at school anytime
  • Uses existing school wireless network
  • Fully scalable from one handset to hundreds
  • Easy to setup and integrate
  • Completely secure with 256bit encryption
  • Guaranteed communication during critical emergencies
  • Multisite capable (school districts)
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Unexpected emergencies happen anywhere at anytime for any reason. Give your school the safety it needs. Whether you find yourself in a medical emergency, police emergency, or natural disaster.

This could save your life or someone else’s.

Did you know in an emergency, most people can’t make a cell phone call due to cell towers being reserved for 911 services? In some cases cell phones are also blocked so bad guys can’t make calls or detonate devices.

The S.A.F.E.Comm system works regardless to get help!

For inquiries about S.A.F.E.Comm, please call: 425.451.1234
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