Back-up & Disaster Recovery Services
Recovering Your

Nobody can predict when disaster will strike. And no business can afford to lose everything. When it comes to critical data, records, and equipment, we follow the old saying “expect the best and plan for the worst.” So if the unthinkable happens, we will have you up and running in no time.

Some of our largest manufacturing clients lose a million dollars per hour of downtime. While that’s not true for everyone, even small mom-and-pop businesses take a hit when systems crash and businesses go offline.

Network Architects has you covered. Thanks to our 24/7 monitoring, we see system disruptions in real time and handle them remotely. We can also replicate your entire system off site, in case your hardware is destroyed due to fire, flood, or physical damage. Believe us, it happens.

Our team at Network Architects will have your company back online and ready for business with minimal disruption and loss of productivity. We create customized plans, depending on the individual needs of your business and how much tolerance you have for losing data and work time.

For our clients who need fast, fail-safe recovery times, we duplicate your entire network in a remote location, to the cloud, or even on another continent. For those who can withstand longer downtimes, we provide robust data recovery services over a slightly longer timeline.

As with all our services, we offer a range of options to best meet your business and budgetary needs. We always advise our clients on best practices. And we recommend optimal strategies to meet your specific business requirements.

Our expertise extends to multiple industries, including

  • small and medium-sized businesses
  • professional services organizations
  • law firms and legal services
  • educational institutions
  • real estate concerns
  • manufacturing
  • retail

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Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

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