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Securing Your

Network Architects makes your security our problem. With the increase in cybercrime and network breaches worldwide, every organization must secure critical data and technology systems from hackers and malware.

The challenge multiplies because of the IoT and the interconnectedness of everyday devices, from smartphones and cars to printers and refrigerators. Plus the uptick in cloud computing enables greater access to systems and data from anywhere at any time.

When we secure your network and data privacy, you never have to keep up with the latest viruses or malware, which are constantly evolving. Nor do you have to monitor and repair security holes in your software or operating systems. We are always up on the latest security threats, and we take proactive steps to patch holes and keep viruses and malware away from your network.

When Network Architects secures your existing network, we first audit your system to uncover vulnerabilities. We also install antivirus software, firewalls, password protection, encryption, and two-factor authentication to protect your critical business assets.

We offer remote monitoring of your network. That includes maintaining constant real-time vigilance over your system from our command center in Bellevue, Washington, where our 4 large-screen HD monitors display client status alerts 24/7. In the unlikely event of a breach, we have software tools that enable us instantly to repair your system from our remote location.

Not every small or medium-sized business needs the same data security features. We custom-design your system to meet your needs. Our small professional services customers require basic monitoring, while our multi-national financial services clients need fail-safe firewalls and sophisticated two-factor authentication.

We provide a full suite of security and data protection services. Our reasonable prices reflect your individual business needs and budget realities.

We understand that data breaches are not an option

Our Security & Protection Services

24/7 monitoring and alerting
Network Vulnerability Testing
Firewall Protection
IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
Data and email encryption
Compliance Audits (depends on industry)