Helpdesk Support

When you call, we answer. We understand how frustrating it is when technology doesn’t work. Especially when technology isn’t your specialty.

Network Architects provides 24/7 tech support. We personally answer your calls during normal business hours, and we are available 24/7 in case of emergency. Plus we always monitor your network from our Bellevue offices, so we know exactly how to help when you call.

When you place a support call, a friendly front-desk receptionist always answers, routing your request to the best person for the job.

We take pride in supporting our clients through all your technical challenges. No question is too small for our experts. Whether your computer won’t print, your admin credentials aren’t accepted, we diagnose your problem and fix it immediately. We also have scalable support thus allowing our staff to diagnose more advanced issues such as wireless coverage and interference in the 2.4 or 5ghz spectrum.

We monitor your network remotely and often know of problems before you do, thanks to our alert and alarm systems. That means we maintain constant vigilance over your system from our command center in Bellevue, Washington. Our 4 large-screen HD monitors display client status alerts 24/7.

When problems crop up, we have software tools that send alerts and then enable us instantly to repair your system from afar. That way you are back up and working at peak efficiency with minimal-to-no down time.

Our in-house IT service providers get to know your organization from the inside. That enables us to offer customized advice and guidance to help grow your business. Plus we’re always on the lookout for repeat problems so we can optimize your system and prevent future breakdowns before they happen.

When you place a support call, a friendly front-desk receptionist always answers

Our Helpdesk Support Services

Live technical support from OUR staff 8am-5pm
Email support
24/7 monitoring
Onsite technical support
IT & Help Desk Staffing