Onsite Repairs and Upgrades
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When your servers, routers, or other technical hardware breaks down, our friendly engineers come directly to your office to fix the problem immediately. That keeps you up and running and available to your clients with minimal down time and minimal productivity or revenue losses.

With Network Architects, you’re likely to see the same technicians for all your onsite visits. That’s because we pair our technical experts with each individual client, so our team members learn your business and your technical needs as if they were employees. We don’t need briefings or time to get up to speed, since we make it our business to stay current about your network and organizational needs.

We also help your company take advantage of open warranties. And we help you get reimbursed for repair services or receive replacement hardware when covered equipment fails. That saves you time, hassle, and money.

For a more proactive approach to IT management, we also consult with your organization to forecast and budget future equipment needs rather than simply reacting to breakdowns or malfunctions. It’s more cost-effective and strategic to plan and budget for predictable equipment lifecycles than it is to manage when systems fail and your business goes offline.

Creating a plan for ongoing maintenance and upgrades puts you in control and minimizes the downtime that results when your system fails and we need to diagnose the problem, order parts, wait for their arrival, and repair your network.

We are certified engineers, technicians, and business consultants with deep knowledge of hardware, software, networks, and security systems. We know our business and we are proud to bring our broad expertise to serve our clients.

We are also skilled at working with small and medium-sized business owners in multiple industries. We speak your language, and we make it a point to communicate clearly, so you understand your system and your technical needs.

When you make us a trusted partner, we work with you to optimize your network

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